Monday, March 29, 2010

The Problem with Republicans: A Lack of Ideas on Anything

I don't have much to add to Mr. Douthat's post at the except to say AMEN! Individual Republicans are actually grappling with the issue, but the party is just doing whatever it thinks will allow it to regain power. To quote the post:
Ryan’s correct that these ideas were dismissed by Democrats early on. But it’s important to note (and I know I’m a broken record on this point) that they were also dismissed by the Republican leadership, which decided to offer nothing — nothing! — in its formal alternatives to Obamacare that would have increased health insurance coverage for the working class. 
Still, when you’re trying to rebuild a party after two devastating electoral defeats, you need to think strategically as well as tactically, and work to rebuild your intellectual credibility and lay the groundwork for future legislative efforts. On health care, Daniels and Ryan have that credibility. Their party, unfortunately, does not.
GOPers sound like Dems from the late nineties. This ain't good for country. Enjoy the wilderness.

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