Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bear News

I’ve always had an interest in, and affinity to, bears. They are wonderful creatures, sort-of dumb, but always happy with a full stomach. I like it that they are fairly harmless if you don't mess with them, but if you do bother them...well, you ain't that smart. With that in mind I found this bit of news rather interesting:

A bear killed two militants after discovering them in its den in Indian-administered Kashmir, police say.
Two other militants escaped, one of them badly wounded, after the attack in Kulgam district, south of Srinagar.

 That reminds me of one of my favorite Bible passages from  2 Kings 2:23-25:
He went up from there to Bethel; and while he was going up on the way, some small boys came out of the city and jeered at him, saying, ‘Go away, baldhead! Go away, baldhead!’ When he turned round and saw them, he cursed them in the name of the Lord. Then two she-bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys. From there he went on to Mount Carmel, and then returned to Samaria.
Bears and the Bible are awesome and crazy.

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