Monday, November 30, 2009

Sports and Suffering

I am, I must admit, a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. It won't bother me if you don't know that the T-Wolves play professional basketball in the NBA, because year after year they have scrapped the bottom of the barrel. Every season begins not with the chance at championship glory, but only the hope that we can improve and make playoffs. Even in our glory days with Kevin Garnett, I just wanted the team to make it out of the first round of the playoffs.

Our suffering is supreme. We've had idiotic GMs who've traded away prospects for men with old news and signed journeymen players to exorbitant contracts. We can't even cheat. In an not uncommon practice we talked to (and agreed with) Joe Smith about signing with us even though no talks were suppose to be had. Though illegal, it is a common practice, unfortunately we were the stupid team to put it in writing, which cost 4 1st round picks and crippled the franchise. And to top it all off, you probably don't even know what Joe Smith is? ARRRRGGGHHHH!!! I get frustrated just writing this post.

Anyway (deep breath) the T-Wolves stink once again. 2 wins, 15 losses. Yet, once again I'll read the box score every day, just hoping for a ray of light. Go Timberwolves.


  1. Joe Smith was the number 1 pick in the 95 draft!

    And per Wikipedia:

    Following the 1999–2000 season, it was discovered that Smith was involved in a salary cap-tampering scandal involving Timberwolves executive Kevin McHale. Smith was allegedly promised a future multi-million dollar deal if he signed with the team for below market value, allowing the team to make some additional player moves in the short term. The league later found out about this violation and voided the last year of the contract, also severely punishing the Timberwolves by taking away five first-round draft picks (though two of the picks were ultimately returned) and fining the team $3.5 million.

  2. I know he was a number 1 pick, but his stats show an average player. Nothing to sneeze at, but not worth the travails. Also, thanks for the straight dope, I'm too lazy at 7 AM to do research (even wikipedia research).

  3. I feel your pain. Every time I hope for a better result. Nearly always the same.

  4. Well said. I am an unrepentant Wolves fan, although I do find myself needing to apologize for it quite frequently. I have faith in the team's new leadership, and I look forward to the days when all those smirking hockey fans can be reminded that Minneapolis is also a gigantic basketball town.

    I remember Dr. Ritchie saying that most of the best literature is about failure. Perhaps this is what motivates unapologetic English majors to follow a team so inept.

    -Matt VZ