Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's the End of the World! OR Sweet Victory!

As you've probably heard, a Mr. Scott Brown is now the Junior Senator from Massachusetts. This surprising for two reasons: (1) his last name doesn't begin with a "K"; and, (2) he's a Republican. Senator Brown has revitalized the formally extinct, Northeastern Republican. The theme over the next few days will be "overwroughtness." Democrats will bemoan the lack of faith of the American people. They will blame Obama for not being liberal enough and their leaders for fecklessness. On the other hand, the Republicans will crow and strut and declare ultimate victory. Both of these sentiments are wrong. This is simply the pendulum swinging and doesn't necessarily herald the inevitable rise of the GOP. Right now, the GOP don't have any better ideas about fixing the major problems facing America. Fortunately for the GOP, the Dems play tribal politics like no one else.

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