Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reason #29 Astronomy equals Awesome

I like astronomy and space and stars far away, despite the fact the America's space program is a complete disaster. I even flirted with becoming a physics major in college so that would have a chance at going to space (not great thinking on my part). Anyway, this from popsci just makes me smile:

Future humans won't have to wait to travel to Pandora for the chance to mine unobtanium, because Neptune and Uranus may have diamond icebergs floating atop liquid diamond seas closer to home. The surprise finding comes from the first detailed measurements of the melting point of diamond, Discovery News reports.
Scientists zapped diamond with a laser at pressures 40 million times greater than the Earth's atmosphere at sea level, and then slowly reduced both temperature and pressure. They eventually found that diamond behaves like water during freezing and melting, and that chunks of diamond will float in the liquid diamond.
I hope this is true.

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