Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Back...

Once again, I took a little break from blogging. Unlike last time I didn't visit any far off land, rather, life just a got a bit busy. A few notes:

  • Yay Twins! Though they can't sweep a team, they are at least winning every series and dominating the 3 spot in various "power rankings."
  • Hmmm... Vikings. The draft came and went and much too much of the nation's airwaves was concerned with the draft. Sure, watch it on TV, but we have no idea how good any team's draft will be until 5 years down the road. That being said, I'm a bit puzzled by their picks. I wish they had gone withe McCoy or Clausen, cause I don't see Jackson as the future. Oh well, we got one more shot at the Super Bowl before things fall apart.
  • The Health Care debate ain't over. Numbers have come in from HHS, which point to potentially higher costs than originally estimated (note all the caveats). Here is a take from McArdle and Klein.
  • VAT... Value! Added! Tax! Are you for it or against it? I'm still not sure. 

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