Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The South, The Confederacy, and Memory

A week or so ago the Governor of Virginia issued a proclamation celebrating Confederacy History Month. Unfortunately, in his glorifying of the South and the Glorious Cause he forgot to mention that little known problem of slavery. An outcry ensued and too his credit he quickly issued an additional proclamation recognizing the importance of slavery in Virginia's history. The proclamation and ensuing controversy has brought forth commentary from all quarters.

Before I proceed I should advise that I am a Yankee through and through. I'm a Northerner and have little time for folks forgetting slavery and it's importance in shaping American History.

One of my favorite commentators on the Civil War and Memory (and lots of other things) is Mr. Coates from the Atlantic Monthly. His latest post (and the accompanying photo) shows the idiocy of American's twisted racial logic. It begins with this photo:
Read the post.

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