Sunday, May 9, 2010

Los Suns

Much to the dismay of b-ball experts everywhere, the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association swept the San Antonio Spurs. I'm happy, cause the Suns are lots of fun to watch and have fun basketball players like Dudley, Amundson, Dragic (who went lights out in the 4th quarter of the 3rd game), and the one and only Steve Nash. Much better writers will say much more profound things about Mr. Nash's game and his place in NBA history. As a fan, let me just say that Nash is fun to watch as he weaves and bobs and passes and throws 'Y' ball shots high off the glass. Go Suns. And Go Mr. Nash.
UPDATE: From an old post by Matthew Yglesias. First, this table from ESPN's Hollinger:

And then Yglesias' commentary:
Look at the best offense ever. Then look at the second best. Then look at the fourth best. And look at the fifth best. Now look back at the third best. Then consider that Steve Nash was the starting point guard on all five of these teams! After being seemingly overrated for a while, is it possible that Nash has slipped into underrated status. Floor general for all five of the top-rated offenses of the past 35 years is a pretty gobsmacking achievement.

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    I just whisper-yelled that at my computer screen. Those stats and Yglesias' commentary about Nash being a part of the top five offenses of the last 35 years are mind-boggling! Maybe he is underrated.

    My second favorite team and my favorite player. I wish the Suns would have gotten a title this year.