Monday, January 9, 2012

Favorite Lines of the Bible

"for I am certain that none of these things has escaped his notice, for this was not done in a corner." Paul, spoken to King Agrippa, Acts 26.26.

I'm not a bible basher, and, in fact have been known to skirt around the issue once or twice (sorry Grandpa Fred). I'm not good at talking about the need for Jesus and our hope in Him. I want to keep it quiet and out of the way. Like the middle-schooler I once was, I want to fit in. And in America we are pushed to make religion private and inward. In polite society religion ought not to impinge on one's public performance. Don't be the awkward uncle at Thanksgiving and tell people about Jesus. Keep your mouth shut and be cool about the whole thing and everyone will be happy. But, as Paul points out, this was not done in a corner. The acts of Jesus were not hidden away. The prophets declared from the mountaintop. The glory of the Lord was revealed in a risen man.

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