Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Thoughts on Romans 3

In Romans, chapter 3, Paul continues walking a fine line. He wants to establish that all have sinned and that no one is saved because of he was circumcised or goes to the Temple. Yet, he doesn’t want to say that God’s covenant with Israel was and is worthless. Paul recognizes the law exists, but it brings only knowledge of sin, for no one can follow the law be saved. Adding another wrinkle Paul wants to extend God’s covenant to the Gentiles while still maintaining God’s special relationship with the Jews. This line of reasoning can make for difficult reading, but is essential for Paul.

At the end of the chapter (still in the beginning of the letter) Paul dances this little two-step. He wants the Jews and Gentiles living in Rome to understand that faith is the basis of their relationship with God and each other. The Jew, though aware of the law, is incapable of following the law. And so she must turn to faith. The Gentile, through foreign to the law, is condemned by the law. And so she must turn to faith. We come from different places, Paul says, but we must come to the same point of faith. No barrier is too great, for God is one and He is the God of us all who sent his only son to bring redemption to you and me alike.

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