Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Got Nothing

During the season of lent we focus on what we don't have. We recognize our frailties and limitations. Jesus went without food and water for 40 days, giving up what was essential to life. He was carpenter, called by God to be the Messiah. Poor. Broken. Then comes Satan to give Jesus what is his--the kingdoms, the power, the might. Jesus rebukes Satan, reminding him that Jesus's power comes from his Father.

Jesus has nothing, but his father. He is the Son of God, yet broken in the desert wilderness. God is his provider.

And so we have nothing. We may think that we have our friends, but friends may leave you. We may think that we have our family, but families may be broken. We may think we have our car and computer, but stuff is like chaff on a windy day. We may think we have our health, but pain is in this world. We surround ourselves with illusions, thinking we control our fate. That we are smart enough or rich enough or know the right people or our reputations will carry us through. But as the season of Lent reminds, we got nothing, but God. In the throw dice it is God and me. From dust we came and to dust we shall return.

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