Sunday, October 25, 2009


I sit on a cliff face. It is late October and though brown leaves remain, snow has already come and gone. Two hundred feet below the creek flow small and thin, yet still noisy. In a surprise I find cacti in 35 degree weather, tucked between the cliff rocks. Though misplaced in my, they are at home, content to absorb a weak sun and resist a breezy wind. Like sheep in a storm, the cacti huddle together. My lack of knowledge once again brings a smile to my face. For what I do not know, I cannot expect, and thus will not presume. And when what I see confounds, I smile, recognizing my incompleteness.

Copyright: Heidi Birkley

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  1. It takes courage to be the first to start dialogue. My hope is that others realize that your thoughts are a dialogue and by contributing it will help all find better understanding. It is easy to respond with a short statement of agreement or disagreement. How does that further discussion and understanding?

    Continue the good work and I will try to help further the dialogue with my questions and thoughts.