Friday, October 2, 2009

A Comic Story: Cul de Sac

A new comic has weaseled its way into my heart. As some may know, I've been a newspaper comic guy ever since I was a wee little tike. My pops and I maintained a beneficial symbiotic relationship when it came to the paper. In the morning I reached for the comics, while he started his paper reading with either the sports section or the front page.*

*If he happened to choose the front page it was always a race to the sports page, which, unfortunately, at times distracted from the pleasure of reading the comics page.

And over those many years of newspaper reading (I think it started in 2nd grade) one comic was always my favorite. And ever since Calvin and Hobbes sledded into the sunset, the comics haven't held the same place. I still read the comics, I still liked the comics, but nothing quite worked for me like Calvin and Hobbes.

Fortunately, during my time in DC I came across a local comic called Cul de Sac.

And [click on image for full comic]
It's top-notch. Read it.

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