Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Judas Iscariot. The Zealot. The Treasurer. The Great Betrayer. Judas, destined in Dante’s world to be forever frozen and eaten by Lucifer. A cursed name.

I like Judas. His life and motivation fascinate me. What made him do it? What turned him from true believer to betrayer? Did he, perhaps, believe that his betrayal would lead Jesus to reveal his true identity, which Judas thought would lead to a renewed Kingdom? Maybe Judas understood the nature of Jesus. Maybe Judas saw the divinity and understood that He was the true Messiah, only Judas was blind to what that meant. Judas did not understand the power to forgive sins. Thus, Judas tried to force Jesus's hand. And when it failed (or so he thought) Judas killed himself. I wonder what would've happened if he had only waited until the resurrection?


  1. Oh man, I've wondered the same thing. What would have happened if he had waited. Talk about a tragic figure. It's strange but every time I read the Gospel accounts there's part of me that hopes it goes differently.... like, "come on Pilot, let him go, do what you know is right!"

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